Season 1 Episode 12 – Scott Aukerman, A Crude Limo Driver, Jimmy’s Food Issues, and Young Jimmy as Spiderman

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NNF Season 1 Episode 12

June 23, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


It’s a 4th episode, so we have a guest

Scott Aukerman, host of Comedy Death Ray, and writer of Shark Tale II

Matt is NOT isos on this show, he is The Producer (Matt’s name is “isos” – In Search of Sasquatch)

Mike gets applause

How did Mike and Jimmy not hear each other’s childhood stories before the podcast?

Jimmy flies First Class and ignores Mike as he walks by to steerage

You people who turn up your ventilation nozzles on a plane are assholes because you are spreading recirculated sickness

Jimmy's beef: You assholes who turn on the blower on planes

Jimmy’s beef: You assholes on planes who turn on the diseased air blower


Downgrading from First Class to coach is a real step down

Scott’s Writers’ Guild contract specifies you must fly First Class and use the limo

Don’t talk to the limo driver; he doesn’t want to talk to you either

Jimmy’s Houston limo driver starts talking to him crudely about his sexual escapades



Who enjoys the crude limo driver’s story?

Matt tops everyone’s crude bloody talk

Scott likes being on TV a little

How is it being around Brian Posehn when he is recognized all the time?

How is it for Mike hanging out with Big Time Celebrity Jimmy?

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Season 1 Episode 11 – BB Guns, BJ & Dirty Dragon, and The Producer

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Season 1 Episode 11

bbgunJune 16, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


The runaway hit podcast Never Not Funny

A stop-motion animation podcast is just ahead of them in iTunes

Never Not Funny is #16

Matt runs the boards and also participates verbally

Mike thinks “The Producer” would be a terrible nickname for Matt, but changes his mind

Matt’s new nickname is now officially The Producer

Gross Point Blank’s weapons cache

Jimmy explains the podcast to the new listeners

“Thank you again for diggin’ us!”

You remember Monkey with a Hairbrush…

bananasplitsJimmy recaps his banana allergy story from an earlier episode


Jimmy keeps his temple clean and healthy but doesn’t like his wife’s choice of vegetarian groceries

Mike remembers The Banana Splits

Jimmy explains his weird habit of delaying going to the bathroom until after other tasks when getting home

Mike corrects his earlier list of Banana Splits characters

Jimmy’s dad took him to see The Banana Splits at Toys R Us and also BJ and Dirty Dragon

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Season 1 Episode 10 – Ghosts, Sports, Wheels Belknap, and Matt’s First Time

Billy Mumy on The Twilight Zone wishing someone to the cornfield

Billy Mumy on The Twilight Zone wishing someone to the cornfield

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Season 1 Episode 10

June 9, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


The official Pardcast of

South of Movie Star, north of Dicey

Jimmy hallucinated a kid walking a dog

Mike Schmidt breaks out a Billy Mumy Twilight Zone reference

Jimmy may have seen a ghost-truck at Chicago’s Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, supposedly haunted


Mike’s mom swears she saw a ghost while Mike was sleeping

Jimmy: “I got Ghostbuster all over this!”

Spoiler: Mike’s mom was probably high

Mike’s once came home to a house full of TVs and microwaves

This was about 1977 when (according to Matt): “Your mom was still living off of her cut of the Lufthansa heist.”

[Editorial note from Darryl: I've said it before, and this is a good spot to go on record once again. Jimmy's references to "Season One Belknap" notwithstanding, the "Clunky Season One Matt Belknap" is a myth! Matt has always been extremely sharp and funny, and the Lufthansa heist reference is a prime example.]

Mike’s mom told him to stay out of her “special” shoebox


Foursquare talk, the playground game, not the app that was not yet invented

Jimmy’s mispronunciation of “Bombardment” caused Mike to ask him “Who is Bob Bardament?”

Jimmy runs from the table to avoid spit-taking on his own podcast

Matt explains the rules of Foursquare

Comedians vs. real estate agents softball and kickball

Maybe Foursquare is next

Jimmy is NOT YET 40!

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Season 1 Episode 9 – Listener E-mails, A Fax Machine for the Gardener, and a Kiss from Tiffany

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Show notes by Darryl Asher

Episode 9

June 6, 2006


Recorded after Memorial Day

Jimmy wants everyone to stay sharp today, and also has some mysterious info about this episode which he does not want revealed

Stuffed up from cleaning the dusty garage

Stuffed up from cleaning the dusty garage

 Two year wedding anniversary celebration: cleaning the garage

Inexplicably sunburned while inside the garage

Inexplicably sunburned while inside the garage

Mike: Jimmy has the immune system of a sparrow

You remember Jar of Rubella…


Jimmy’s garage was a scene from Arachnophobia

faxJimmy gave his gardener a fax machine

Matt makes it clear that his role is to apologize and explain that Jimmy’s racist jokes are JUST JOKES

Doing impressions of famous people is really just doing impressions of other comedians doing impressions of famous people

Rich Little on the Steve and Gary show

Rich Little always sounds like John Wayne doing impressions


Back to talking about giving a fax machine to the gardener

Matt is annoyed because he needs a fax machine, once a year

Fax machines are old technology, expect to Spiffy Lawn

You remember Rakes and Blowers…

70.6 degrees, nearly perfect for comedy


The many moves of Tony Boswell, who only lives in places that start with “Ch”

Jimmy is a bad homeowner when it comes to outside stuff

Jimmy doesn’t know how he killed the tree in his yard

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Season 1 Episode 8 – Fightin’ Pat Francis

604patDownload the episode here

Season 1 Episode 8

May 26, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Do you remember Unnecessarily Squeaky?

Pat Francis is here, after having to cancel an earlier visit due to illness

Pat is Jimmy’s friend, Running Your Trap sidekick, and segment producer for many of your favorite reality shows

Pat: “Hello Everybody”

Mike says hello to America, Matt trumps with a hello to the world

Pat’s afraid Matt’s “recipe for ice” joke is an inside bit to push him out

Pat thinks guests should get a syllabus before the show

Somewhere in the world, someone’s favorite band is Steve Miller Band

No one knows what Steve Miller looks like


Jimmy bought the Best of Steve Miller based on the cover

Matt doesn’t need any Boston music

What do you call music you download instead of buy physical media?

Mark the time: Matt decides, and the guys agree, they should be called “records”

Jimmy gives out a fake phone number to get fan reaction

Jimmy and Matt want to have a voicemail number to get fan feedback

Discussion about the use of the word “faggot”

Jimmy mis-names Pat’s kids, and has their ages totally wrong

Crude talk about how Pat assures he only has girls means Pat’s nephew can’t listen to this episode


Jimmy and Pat shared an aprtment across the courtyard from a lovely lady who does dishes naked in front of the window

Pat’s “French” accent is totally not even close to French

A note from Mike’s wife: “Frenchie’s daughter is naked”

Jimmy and Pat saw “the best live ass” at their apartment pool

Hot Tub Club with Jimmy, Pat, Graham Elwood, Paul Goebel, and Chip Chinery

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Season 1 Episode 7 – All Apologies

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NNF Season 1 Episode 7

May 19, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


First usage: Hello everybody and indeed, welcome to Never Not Funny

Jimmy insists that they are coming to us live

South of Hollywood, north of dicey

Mike says “Hello America” despite the international audience

Are Australians and / or the cast of Lost listening?

Greg “The Shark” Norman may be a fan

Jimmy is against midget bowling

You remember Pledging Frats?

Mike invents a “widget arm” in his mind

Matt wonders if there will be balloons when they hit their 100th “You remember ______, they opened up for _______”

Jimmy first said it in the cafeteria line to his friend Paul Boyev: “You remember Choice of Soups, they opened up for Quiet Riot”

Matt: Midget Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup’s Almost is a very hook-y song


Jimmy loved The Verve Pipe’s The Freshmen

Jimmy bought the cassingle, but when he bought the CD he hated it so much he threw it out the window of his car

What was the last cassingle?

Jimmy wonders why he has ANYTHING in his Chicago collection

Jimmy has a tin-ear, but pronounces it “tin air.” His pronounciation of “ear” will be very troublesome when the podcast joins Earwolf / Airwolf.

You remember Tin Air. They opened for Rose Royce.

Jimmy was greeted this morning by Jehovah’s Witnesses (or maybe Seventh Day Adventists) knocking on his door


After shooing them away from his door, Jimmy put his slippers on and ran after them to apologize

Opening montage quote: “You are a hanuted house”

Jimmy’s two tasks when on the road: haircut and fund-raising carwash

Church car wash fundraiser was a ruse to evangelize

“You can pray my car never gets dirty again.”

Jimmy had to drive back and apologize for his smartass comment

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Season 1 Episode 6 – Rainbow Bridge

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NNF Season 1 Episode 6

May 12, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Runaway smash podcast!

A gloomy day, or sunny, depending on whom you ask and when you ask them

Is Mike comfotable with Jimmy still calling him the Former Third Baseman?

Matt thought “third baseman” meant table position

This may be the episode where they decide The Former Third Baseman nickname sticks

People love the podcast!

First usage of misprouncing Zanies

Jimmy put out Never Not Funny postcards at the club

Jimmy's beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy's pause to take a drink by saying "I thought it was NEVER not funny!"

Jimmy’s beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy’s pause to take a drink by saying “I thought you were NEVER not funny!”


The motivations of hecklers

35 people came to the Zanies show, one of whom was Jimmy’s high school band bassist Mike Rago

First usage: Rainbow Bridge, Jimmy’s high school band

Dr. Paul Boyev, Rainbow Bridge guitarist, invented something that helps deaf people hear

Rainbow Bridge set list: 4 Chicago Songs, 4 Hendrix songs, an original called Output (wherein Jimmy talks over music), and Paranoid by Black Sabbath. (Something for everyone I guess.)

Boyev wanted to name the band after the Hendrix album Rainbow Bridge. Jimmy wanted Chicago’s Hot Streets

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