14I – Comedian’s Intern Without Car Getting Coffee

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14 I – No Guests!

00 – Welcome! Come in into the Players Club! The water is warm!

H was for Happy. Matt has to sing Happy every time the guest says it or it comes up organically. Otherwise $5 in a jar.

05 – jar goes to charity at end of season. Fans you can participate! Make sure Matt knows if he missed! He wont lose a lot of money…probably. Jimmy finds it entertaining. No regrets!!

10 – I gotta pick it up guys! I gotta pick. It. Up. Jimmy sees the vine a fan made for the first time. He loves it but doesn’t like the way he looks in it. Jimmy’s gonna powder up!

Shut em down! Matt’s video off. Today he doesn’t like Matt’s voice.


I might be into Icehouse now guys.

Garon Cockrell

Garon Cockrell

15 – Jimmy opens a package from Becky. Kojak stuff! Kojak trading cards! Mint and Sealed!! Thanks Becky!!

20 – Matt tells Eliot to stop complaining to Jimmy’s joy.

We’re playing with out Kojak cards. Jimmy is doing a magic trick.

We’re gonna take a quick break! Phone calls! No guest! She came early.

25 – We’re gonna try to get a celeb from the coffee shop.


30 – Pack up your doans Eliot. Jimmy wants Phil Hendrie to drop the potty humor.

Matt remembered Happy!

We’ll be right back!

We’re not sponsored by uber but Jimmy wants to talk about them! He just had some Nature Box pretzels.

Not a sponsor but Jimmy enjoys them. He’s giving out his custom uber code. Save $20.

Jimmy’s Uber Code is: fd6e5

He loves them! Super easy. He’ll never use a taxi again. Continue reading

1409 – Layering Up with Greg Behrendt


Greg Behrendt with flotation device activated

Greg Behrendt with flotation device activated

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1409 – Greg Behrendt


00 – Hello! Indeed welcome to 1409. We’ve got a mic situation!! Jimmy’s telling Matt what’s going down! Too much rocking! Do not bother knocking. If the vans rocking don’t knock. Some hippy with his bell bottoms wrapped around some woman’s throat. Dark Turn for that story.

Jimmy talks about a character from General Hospital and compares him to Pete Schwaba. Jimmy runs through the Genesis line-up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genesis_(band) Jimmy talks about the chemistry between the two characters feeling really real.

Alexis from GH – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexis_Davis The actress who plays her, Nancy Lee Grahn, is 55.

No one wants to watch the teenager love triangle on GH.

05 – Matt wants to vine Jimmy saying to axe the love triangle.

Matt can’t get a handle on this family feud. 84. 5 (gloves, #1 answer car charger), 79 (Big Mac #1 answer), 2, (cherry blast #1 answer) 86. Grade of gasoline (premium. #1 answer is 87). 34 people. 123 points! 22 people say dorothy, #1 is scarecrow. 145 points!

10 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarecrow_and_Mrs._King Lots of BB guesses!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Boxleitner is the Scarecrow!

All previous seasons are available at Pardcast.com! New packages are coming soon! $100 for the first five seasons currently. 175+ episodes in that package.

15 – Parago migraine medicine? Eliot avoided a migraine by taking 3 of them. Too much of anything will kill you. McFlurry was #3 answer on the board…weird because it was name a sandwich!

We’re gonna take a phone call! We normally do this on the Players Club but we’re gonna share it with you guys this time! Continue reading

14H – The Return of Dan Katz

Dan Katz - The Return

Dan Katz – The Return

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NNF Players Club 14H – Dan Katz!

00 – Hello and indeed welcome! 14H as in Happy! Jimmy asks Matt to sing some of that Pharell song. Jimmy claps along. Matt uses his Falsetto! Nice job Matt! There was a wedding under their balcony at the fantasy draft. They took bets to see what song would play first. It was Happy. Jimmy chose Gangham Style.

Nobody was worse at their job than Jimmy was at his Record Label job. Jimmy was given the choice to share an office with someone or have his office in the storage room. He took the storage room so he could make comedy phone calls.

Welcome to 14 H as in Happy. Jimmy claps again and Matt serenades us with Happy until he gets distracted by my new T-shirt. Thursdays are fine. Wednesdays are a bad day for us here for parking scenarios.

“Enjoy your coffee and your dreams, jerk off.” – Jimmy on the writers at the coffee shop.

We lost Carlin.

05 – George Carlin was indeed cremated and his ashes scattered. Matt goes on record asking to be cremated by a funeral pyre raft to the ocean lit up by a flaming arrow.

First Knight – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113071/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jimmy and a co-worker heard a sonic boom like noise last night at around 10pm. Unexplained.

10 – Matt finished House of Cards and wants to talk about it.

Jimmy’s mom asked Jimmy if he was on twitter now. They had a discussion about it. She was on his ass about it. Jimmy says to practice restraint when using twitter. Stop it.

Eliot did a gene simmons impression video. It’s on the NNF Video Fans page so join if you wanna see it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/nnfvideofans/

15 – Gene Simmons is the only rich guy without a beautifully fitting sport coat. Jimmy loves a TV reunion article. He hates the slideshow versions though. Btw Everyone came back for the Home Improvement reunion at EW.

Dan Katz is here! He brought up everyone’s spirits but was a little lippy coming in.

Lots of colors going on today. Eliot’s Tubbs (Miami Vice) today.

We’ll be back. Continue reading

1408 – Mixing it Up with Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger, lean and mean. More funny than mean, actually.

Matt Braunger, lean and mean. More funny than mean, actually.

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NNF 1408 – Matt Braunger


00 – Yes indeed welcome! You’ve come to know and love. Jimmy’s got a mic situation but we’re gonna be fine! 1408! Jimmy’s looking right down the poop shoot to the viewer. Quit naming your kids Oliver! Matt continues to spoil shows. This time Parks and Rec.

Jimmy is worried that the name Oliver is becoming the new Zach, trendy and common. Matt’s a dumb adult who is bad at math per Jimmy.

What if Daryl Hammond did a Daryl Hannah impression?

05 – Jimmy is calling it. No More Olivers.

Jimmy’s bummed he had a successful drink from the giant tea can. Jimmy’s mad at Taft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Howard_Taft

Jimmy wonders why The Verve and The Verve Pipe came out at the same time. The Can Situation were fantastic! They changed their name to the verve.

The verve Pipe were on RCA. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Verve_Pipe
The Verve were on EMI, Hut, Virgin, Parlophone, and Vernon Yard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_verve

“Wow it’s spacious!” – Oliver on Jimmy’s new car.

10 – We are checking in with Rich Sommer for one last check on the malaysian airline. Rich is not answering so there is a chance he is live on the air with another outlet. Jimmy leaves a voicemail.

Jimmy got a new phone case. He needs a new screen cover as the fingerprints bother him.

“How many phone cases do you need?” – Oliver.

Thanks for the letter Brian Bieber (unknown relation). Old school letter. Pen to paper. Jimmy finally saw 12 Years a Slave.

15 – Jimmy wonders if Al Pacino was talking about mistreatment of black people when he yelled, “I can’t even imagine!” on the phone.

Jimmy just got back from Vegas! He did his fantasy baseball draft.

We have a guest! Hello Rebecca! She won the pardcastathon auction. $2000!

Jimmy’s going alone at Pardcast this year.

Matt has Jolly Ranchers!

Matt wants a chocolate treat.

20 – Matt’s computer is running hard right now.

After Jimmy publicly busted his balls for lengthy posts, he sends two lengthy convoluted emails. Jimmy smells soup.

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14G – Laura House in the House!

Laura House

Laura House

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NNF Players Club 14G – Laura House


00 – Hello indeed! Welcome to the Players Club baby!!! Jimmy doesn’t like this new character. 14G for Green Tea! Lots of Gs! Matt insists on being called G-Money, Jimmy decides he’s against it. Jimmy gave Gary Coleman the nickname Coles. He didn’t like it but Jimmy said he would. He died before he got the chance to enjoy it. Gary was dealing with demons like the neighborhood guy that mr drummond had to talk to him about after his friend was “touched.” He was asking for a friend.

Matt thinks Jimmy came in with a ‘tude. He came into a vortex of dull with Eliot comparing GIrls to Mad Men. Jimmy’s still mad Eliot wrote a dissertation on the new math that Matt posted on Facebook. Jimmy says that he looks forward to eliot’s FB posts on politics. They’re very balanced and intelligent but this new math post he was not on board with.

05 – Be careful with cheese guys! Jimmy doesn’t get the guy who says they can’t afford the podcast but then says they’re coming to a comedy show. Jimmy’s confused by what’s going on today. Jimmy’s rocking the scruff today. Hasn’t had time to shave apparently. He’s gonna shave tomorrow before his flight to vegas for his fantasy draft.

Jimmy’s opened the floor to questions! Matt asks about shaving off days. “George Michael face.” Jimmy slapping that bass! Jimmy was listening to “The Best of Wham!” today via his blue-tooth speakers in his car.

The guys go through WHAM singles.

10 – Wham The Final – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Final_(album)

Jimmy got a new car!! Prius Plug In! 100m a gallon. He tested a lot of hybrids including the lincoln and the ford fusion plug in and the volt. He preferred the navigation system on the prius so he went with that one. The Prius Plug-in does have gas back up. Jimmy might get the charging station but isn’t sure yet. There is a charging station at work though! His Prius is grey. It’s not as luxurius as his infiniti.

15 – Here is the confirmation as to whether or not Jimmy is a pussy or not. Those people parked in front of Jimmy’s house again. Danielle is not at all bothered by it. They were outside and Danielle told him to go talk to them. Jimmy didn’t want to do it because he figured any way he’d say it he’d come off as a dick. Danielle said that she would do it and Jimmy panicked and ran to his car. She said he was a pussy. He confirmed.

20 – Eliot suggests painting parking spots in front of his house. We go through the wham final track living. jimmy knows them all. Matt knows 5/14.

We’ll be back! Continue reading

1407 – Table reading with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins, determined to not lose the job at the table read

Paul F. Tompkins, determined to not lose the job at the table read

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NNF 1407 – Paul F. Tompkins

00 – Indeed! Yes! Matt’s the only one wearing green! His kid’s are ruthless with the pinches. Zoe is dressed as the queen of st patrick’s day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Oliver wore a green bow tie to school. Jimmy is stuffed up and a little raspy again. He’s hitting the cough syrup like a rummy!

No one got yelled at today (so far). Nothing worse than quiet parents!

We had an earthquake this morning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_earthquakes_in_California#List_of_earthquakes

The plane is still lost. We may check in with Rich.

05 – We ARE going to check in with Rich! Jimmy and Matt both saw Book of Mornon!

Rich is distracted. Apparently a plane is missing. No one has seen it. He calls it a “Capital M Mystery.” He was also woken by the earthquake.

According to Rich, they are now calling it a mystery.

More updates – http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/17/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-plane/

10 – Jimmy opened a talk show audition with news of the bassist from Kansas quitting. To silence.

Jimmy likes the idea of having Rich Sommer report in from around town at Black Friday sales during pardcastathon.

Jimmy’s got can issues!!

Book of Mormon Chat. Matt loved most everything about it except the comedy. He though it was D level comedy. Jimmy – Act One was great until about 55% of it got repetitive and tiring. Humor lame and base. like an 18 year old wrote the comedy. Jimmy laughed a lot but comedic triumph it is not. Cast was phenomenal as was the choreography. Act 2 kicks off great.

15 – In the end Act 2 was just okay. Jimmy thought all the guys were fantastic. In the end he had no desire to buy the soundtrack. He’s fine and doesn’t need to hear them again. He gives the show a solid 4 stars.

Jimmy doesn’t get Paul’s character.

That exchange was so great. Off mic argument.

Jimmy’s gonna RE.

We’ll be back with Paul F. Tompkins!!

We’re back! Ignore Jimmy’s contest announcement. Continue reading

14F – Danielle Koenig’s Fogshirt Hat

Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig

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NNF 14F – Danielle Koenig

00 – Welcome to the players club baby! Jimmy’s holding Danielle’s up but it isn’t signed so he throws it off. She signs it and he then holds up the valid version!

3000 mystery locations give discounts!

Welcome to F!

Get your VIP before time runs out!

Oliver says don’t be on star trek and not wear green or you’ll get the vulcan neck pinch.

Best of Foghat – http://www.amazon.com/The-Best-Foghat/dp/B0000032AT

05 – Lots of Foghat hat. and I get yelled at.

10 – Jimmy calls Rich Sommer for an update on the missing plane.

“Foghat” (a nonsense word from a childhood game played by Peverett and his brother)

Jimmy talks about the purple people eater. Poor one-eyed dog.

Rich Sommer checks in with us from his kids preschool. He has no info.

15 – Jimmy’s opened the floor to questions. Jimmy wonders if the oil liner guy saw smoke on the water. Matt says no but he saw some Fire in the Sky.

Jimmy and Danielle are going to see Queen with Adam Lambert.

Matt thinks it should be outside at the bowl.

Jimmy’s album Sprettzatura is now available on Vinyl! $15 or $20 if you want it signed. The value can only go up.

Make a decision Darby!

Jimmy wants more pictures of him on the walls.

We’ll be back with some calls and Movie Katz!

Welcome back to Foghat! 14F!

Jimmy sold 4 Sprettzatura’s in the bathroom. No signatures. Continue reading