Season 1 Episode 8 – Fightin’ Pat Francis

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Season 1 Episode 8

May 26, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Do you remember Unnecessarily Squeaky?

Pat Francis is here, after having to cancel an earlier visit due to illness

Pat is Jimmy’s friend, Running Your Trap sidekick, and segment producer for many of your favorite reality shows

Pat: “Hello Everybody”

Mike says hello to America, Matt trumps with a hello to the world

Pat’s afraid Matt’s “recipe for ice” joke is an inside bit to push him out

Pat thinks guests should get a syllabus before the show

Somewhere in the world, someone’s favorite band is Steve Miller Band

No one knows what Steve Miller looks like


Jimmy bought the Best of Steve Miller based on the cover

Matt doesn’t need any Boston music

What do you call music you download instead of buy physical media?

Mark the time: Matt decides, and the guys agree, they should be called “records”

Jimmy gives out a fake phone number to get fan reaction

Jimmy and Matt want to have a voicemail number to get fan feedback

Discussion about the use of the word “faggot”

Jimmy mis-names Pat’s kids, and has their ages totally wrong

Crude talk about how Pat assures he only has girls means Pat’s nephew can’t listen to this episode


Jimmy and Pat shared an aprtment across the courtyard from a lovely lady who does dishes naked in front of the window

Pat’s “French” accent is totally not even close to French

A note from Mike’s wife: “Frenchie’s daughter is naked”

Jimmy and Pat saw “the best live ass” at their apartment pool

Hot Tub Club with Jimmy, Pat, Graham Elwood, Paul Goebel, and Chip Chinery

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Season 1 Episode 7 – All Apologies

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NNF Season 1 Episode 7

May 19, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


First usage: Hello everybody and indeed, welcome to Never Not Funny

Jimmy insists that they are coming to us live

South of Hollywood, north of dicey

Mike says “Hello America” despite the international audience

Are Australians and / or the cast of Lost listening?

Greg “The Shark” Norman may be a fan

Jimmy is against midget bowling

You remember Pledging Frats?

Mike invents a “widget arm” in his mind

Matt wonders if there will be balloons when they hit their 100th “You remember ______, they opened up for _______”

Jimmy first said it in the cafeteria line to his friend Paul Boyev: “You remember Choice of Soups, they opened up for Quiet Riot”

Matt: Midget Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup’s Almost is a very hook-y song


Jimmy loved The Verve Pipe’s The Freshmen

Jimmy bought the cassingle, but when he bought the CD he hated it so much he threw it out the window of his car

What was the last cassingle?

Jimmy wonders why he has ANYTHING in his Chicago collection

Jimmy has a tin-ear, but pronounces it “tin air.” His pronounciation of “ear” will be very troublesome when the podcast joins Earwolf / Airwolf.

You remember Tin Air. They opened for Rose Royce.

Jimmy was greeted this morning by Jehovah’s Witnesses (or maybe Seventh Day Adventists) knocking on his door


After shooing them away from his door, Jimmy put his slippers on and ran after them to apologize

Opening montage quote: “You are a hanuted house”

Jimmy’s two tasks when on the road: haircut and fund-raising carwash

Church car wash fundraiser was a ruse to evangelize

“You can pray my car never gets dirty again.”

Jimmy had to drive back and apologize for his smartass comment

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Season 1 Episode 6 – Rainbow Bridge

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NNF Season 1 Episode 6

May 12, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Runaway smash podcast!

A gloomy day, or sunny, depending on whom you ask and when you ask them

Is Mike comfotable with Jimmy still calling him the Former Third Baseman?

Matt thought “third baseman” meant table position

This may be the episode where they decide The Former Third Baseman nickname sticks

People love the podcast!

First usage of misprouncing Zanies

Jimmy put out Never Not Funny postcards at the club

Jimmy's beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy's pause to take a drink by saying "I thought it was NEVER not funny!"

Jimmy’s beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy’s pause to take a drink by saying “I thought you were NEVER not funny!”


The motivations of hecklers

35 people came to the Zanies show, one of whom was Jimmy’s high school band bassist Mike Rago

First usage: Rainbow Bridge, Jimmy’s high school band

Dr. Paul Boyev, Rainbow Bridge guitarist, invented something that helps deaf people hear

Rainbow Bridge set list: 4 Chicago Songs, 4 Hendrix songs, an original called Output (wherein Jimmy talks over music), and Paranoid by Black Sabbath. (Something for everyone I guess.)

Boyev wanted to name the band after the Hendrix album Rainbow Bridge. Jimmy wanted Chicago’s Hot Streets

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1503 – Soaping Up with Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson, behatted and ready for laughter

Jason Thompson, behatted and ready for laughter

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell; additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 1503 – Jason Thompson

Notes from original recordings -

00 – 1423! Or Can Jimmy pull off a V-Neck! Jimmy can’t stop talking about the Trivago guy. Matt asks if it’s an Arab shirt.

Jimmy feels bad about last week having Vance Gilbert in studio.

Jimmy loves the word Troubedor. Lotta blue happening in the room.

A friend of Matt’s is visiting. He’s friend of Jimmy’s wearing flip flops. Jimmy talks to Mike about his lack of a hard shoe. The guys talk about Mike’s Teva sandles.

Jimmy's beef: Mike's lack of a hard shoe!

Jimmy’s beef: Mike’s lack of a hard shoe!

Jimmy mentions a Paul Gilmartin joke. He then sings a U2 song, apparently bad enough that it made him forget who sang it. It’s his favorite U2 song.

05 – We are getting closer to The Chicago Podcast Authority! Jimmy may have a co-host! Looking at a January 2015 start date.

New Chicago Album out this week.

Mike is married with two kids, who are apparently out in the hall. Jimmy guesses 5 and 3. Correct right off the bat! Daughter (Mia) (for Mia Sara according to Jimmy) Mike’s wife is actually named Sara! His son is 3.

Mike and Jimmy have a conversation in French. Jimmy talks about taking French in school.

10 – Jimmy greets everyone in French. Bon Jour Idiot, to Eliot. Our guest is a good looking guy so we all should beat off before he gets here.

Apparently, Matt’s family has a house in Burbank that people can use when they visit.

Jimmy and Oliver made an LA Kiss return! They got recognized and apparently made TV on ESPN 3. It was the most exciting game yet. 64 – 46. Kiss lost. The New York team is the New York Dragons.

15 – Jimmy’s trying to move his seats again for another $100 it’s a drastic upgrade.

Jimmy realizes it’s the long con.

Jimmy talks about Paul Stanley realizing there is more to life than rock and roll.

Gene Simmons looks like a manager not dad.

Jimmy talks his reaction to LA Kiss tickets going up maybe.

Our guest is here! Jason Thompson! He’s got some great boots. An Australian shoe! He calls them condoms for your feet.

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15B – Hanging Ten with Murray Valeriano

Murray Valeriano. You can't see it, but he's standing on a surfboard.

Murray Valeriano. You can’t see it, but he’s standing on a surfboard.

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell; additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 15B – Murray Valeriano

B as in baseball

00 – Welcome to the show! The door is open on 15 Bananas. This shit is bananas. Matt sings some Fresh Beat Band from Nickelodeon.

Jimmy sings some Sinatra after the mic fell out of the mic stand.

Jimmy jumps to the other mic and explains why he broke into Sinatra My Way. No one can understand why that mic was so loose. Matt takes responsibility.

This shit is not gonna fly! Matt gives new Earwolf CEO Adam Sachs a new nickname. Adam “Yakkity” Sachs.

05 – Jimmy says he’d play that yakkity sax song everytime that guy walks by if we were in earwolf studios.

Serious stuff out of the way.

Happy birthday to the great Andrew Koenig! Jimmy is glad that he has been coming up a lot lately. The guy brings up Andrew’s love of the movie Taboo and his gobs and gobs of jizz quote.

The guys talk cookies. Jimmy hates a soft cookie. He wants his cookie hard through completion.

10 – Entenmann’s originates from NY.’s

ELIOT! Daddy and Mommy are talking! Jimmy’s gonna subscribe to Harry’s and use his engraved razor to cut his throat.

Jimmy's beef: A chewy cookie!

Jimmy’s beef: A chewy cookie!

Jimmy wants a crispy cookie!

The famous Gobs and Gobs episode was episode 413!

Thanks NeverNotNotes
Q – Can anyone tell me the Christmas episode in which Jimmy, Matt and Pat eat all the cookies? (from Aarika)
Answer: Replying to myself because it’s, of course, episode 413 – also known as the “Gobs and Gobs” ep. It’s not *truly* Christmas until I listen to this one. (Aarika)

Happy birthday Andrew!

We got another gift. This time from friend Nug.
15 – Our guest is here! I missed whatever happened for a minute.

Jimmy reads the letter. He doesn’t understand why Nug doesn’t know we already have one. But we’re gonna all sign it and auction it off for pardcastathon.

Matt and Jimmy mention episodes with stories about Robin Williams. One is episode 14 where Mike Schmidt and Matt talk about meeting him.

20 – Jimmy tells a story about meeting Robin at Sketchfest where Jimmy fucked up his knee during a match game. In the middle of the show jimmy twisted his knee (he had surgery on it eventually) Robin stopped him on the way to the green room and said he was the fastest mind he’s ever seen. Robin also was helping Jimmy with his hurt knee. He got him ice!

Listen to Matt’s story on episode 14. (Show notes here.)

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1502 – Playing the Game with Ben Schwartz


Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1502 – Ben Schwartz


00 – Welcome to the free feed via! We’re thrilled to be a part of that family. Great Players Club last week with Bill Dwyer! There’s a chance you heard it anyway. (Bill’s loud). Steve Dahl also called in!

Jimmy saw Guardians of the Galaxy and found it to be fine. He’s not a superhero guy and is probably not a Sci-fi guy.  It bored the fuck out of him apparently.

Jimmy notices Eliot’s sweater vest. It’s tucked in.

I’m 19 now?  Lotta reasons why to think that.

05 – Get Down On It –

Kool & The Gang

Average White Band –

Jimmy wants a Sirius channel dedicated to Casey Kasem countdowns so he can hear those special songs in the 32 – 40 spots since they don’t play them very much.

10 – Outa-Space –

Matt guesses Kool and the Gang.

It’s 104 degrees outside and Eliot is wearing wool.  Core heat!

15 – Setlist for Kool and the Gang.

Lots of nice posts in the NNF Fan page (not the official page).

Jimmy saw some unfortunate drama on my Facebook page

Jimmy saw some unfortunate drama on my Facebook page

Everything’s done with a wink!

Cooze means nothing to Jimmy. It’s just an annoyance.

Jimmy finally got to Cedar Rapids and Penguins. Had a great show and wondered what it takes to get a standing O in that town.  Still a great show though!

Jimmy talks about the people he met.  A lot of NNF fans showed up!

Jimmy did a 6k run Saturday morning in Cedar Rapids.  It went into a quarry. So that means he had to run OUT of that quarry.  His quads were in pain later that day.

He talks about coming early like you would in los angeles. Turns out he didn’t need to come early at all. Just means that he was 30 minutes early. Not a lot of people there.  He had a great time! 34:18 time approx.

Listener Mike invited Jimmy to the run. He was that asshole that runs shirtless so Jimmy made a lot of gay run jokes that night.

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15A – Jamming Out with Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF  Players Club 15A  – Bil Dwyer


A for Automobile

00 – Hello indeed! The Players Club! The door is open! Jimmy got here in 22 minutes. Give him 22 he’ll give us the world.

Jimmy was mad a the world on Monday.  Jimmy recants his Alex Chilton Replacements comment. He apologizes to everyone except the freebies.

The new Pop Culture Beast is LIVE!

Piece of mail from Kilgore TX. Someone sent The Baseball Ballads and The Baseball Ballads part 2. Jimmy unsure how to accept the gifts.

Happy birthday, Matt!

Jimmy reads a letter from Clyde Willoughby.  Jimmy quotes the Twilight Zone.

Thanks Clyde!!  60 Miles west of Shreveport!

05 – We preview the Disco Demolition song from Baseball Ballads 2.

Check out Chuck Brodsky –

Jimmy texts Steve Dahl.

Everything about this gift is a win! Good job Clyde.

Matt mentions an Andrew Wiggins who won a contest back on episode 302. Is it the same Andrew Wiggins who just got drafted to the Cavaliers?!!?

10 – Jimmy quotes The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.

10 Day wait period for guns in CA –

Jimmy points out some lettuce teeth for Matt.

Ear hair!

Jimmy says the Canadian black is different than the American black according to Jimmy the Greek.  HUMOR GUYS!

15 – Jimmy talks about the Ruth Buzie Lincoln car ad.  Jimmy refers again to Robert Klein taking down Ruth Buzie for no reason in 2014.

Jimmy jumps into a Design our T-shirt Contest and win season 16 free!

Jimmy talks about Captain Wham-O.

He also went to see a guy from Once perform Bat Out of Hell.

He also tells some folks to get a gun, wait their 10 days, go to your car, and dirty that windshield.

The guy stalk about titular lines.

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