1407 – Table reading with Paul F. Tompkins

Listen to this episode for free, right here. NNF 1407 – Paul F. Tompkins @pftompkins 00 – Indeed! Yes! Matt’s the only one wearing green! His kid’s are ruthless with the pinches. Zoe is dressed as the queen of st patrick’s day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Oliver wore a green bow tie to school. […]

1302 – Paul F. Tompkins Turns the Tide

For Never Not Funny 1302 Jimmy Pardo welcomes Paul F. Tompkins In-Studio notes by Garon Cockrell @PFTompkins paulftompkins.com Paul’s YouTube 00 – Hello! 1302! Jimmy is not a professional broadcaster and doesn’t claim to be but he doesn’t want to come into this covered wagon as a dumb boom. 42 seconds in for a Jimmy […]

926 – Paul F. Tompkins

  Intro Jimmy is standing, Dan is absent, possibly on safari Balcony lovebirds are here again Matt once again trumped by Oprah Return of the Kong Cam Jimmy is wearing the green striped shirt that’s in the video intro Who doesn’t want a Wayans shirt? Jimmy’s generosity knows bounds: $19 5:00 Silent Paul won’t speak […]

Paul F. Tompkins: Wind Back in Sails!

Paul F. Tompkins returns to Never Not Funny in fine fashion, as he always does. This guy’s suit budget makes [somebody]’s [something] budget look like [something funny]!!!! In this episode we learn about urban-demographic plays, napping on Chapstick, Paul’s dislike of his childhood self, rock-star hair on children, REDACTED, and Jimmy Dore, journalist. CLICK HERE […]

715 – Paul F. Tompkins

Released 8/25/2010 Pardcast.com message board for this episode Intro: The sun is out and people are in tanking tops… 1:12 Ever the impatient guest, Paul F. Tompkins breaks out into song! 1:20 Saturday in the Park (Chicago) 1:35 That is the least patriotic song 2:00 “Wind back in sails! INTRODUCE ME!!!!!!” 2:15 Horns 2:30 Jimmy […]

Episode 326 – Paul F. Tompkins

Released 9/16/2008 (No Pardcast.com message board for this episode) Intro: Matt Belknap: “PRODUCER OF HUMAN LIFE!” Matt and Andrew are in camp shirts. 1:25 Andrew thanks Jimmy for pronouncing his last name correctly 1:35 Paul is immediately impatient about not being introduced yet 1:45 “This is the last show of the episode!” 2:00 Paul is […]

Episode 426 – Paul F. Tompkins

Released 4/1/2009 Pardcast.com message board for this episode Intro: This is NOT episode 226! Sing along with Jimmy, right outta the box! I Wanna Go Back (Eddie Money) 2:15 Danielle “drove back” to the studio for the beginning of this episode to thank the listeners (including Heidi Stewart) for gifts 4:00 Jimmy is wearing his […]

602 – Paul F. Tompkins

Release date 10/28/2009 Pardcast.com message board for this episode. Intro: 180th episode, not the 602nd, that would be ridiculous. 2:00 Get on board with the special video deal 3:00 Paul has been away, so no season 5 appearance 3:30 Paul’s new speech pattern is confusing? 4:00 Affected accents 5:00 Paul’s history of British comedy 6:15 […]

Pardcastathon 2014

Buy Pardcastathon! Proceeds go to Smile Train. Pardcastathon 2014 was held November 28th In theater notes by Garon Cockerel Photographs and editing by Darryl Asher Pardcastathon Notes!! Hello and indeed welcome to Pardcastathon 2014!! 12pm: Communication already strong with the booth! www.smiletrain.org Wayne on keyboards. Me on slow lookups. Wayne and Jimmy ready to throw […]