14F – Danielle Koenig’s Fogshirt Hat

Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig

To heat this episode, join the Players Club, baby!

NNF 14F – Danielle Koenig

00 – Welcome to the players club baby! Jimmy’s holding Danielle’s up but it isn’t signed so he throws it off. She signs it and he then holds up the valid version!

3000 mystery locations give discounts!

Welcome to F!

Get your VIP before time runs out!

Oliver says don’t be on star trek and not wear green or you’ll get the vulcan neck pinch.

Best of Foghat – http://www.amazon.com/The-Best-Foghat/dp/B0000032AT

05 – Lots of Foghat hat. and I get yelled at.

10 – Jimmy calls Rich Sommer for an update on the missing plane.

“Foghat” (a nonsense word from a childhood game played by Peverett and his brother)

Jimmy talks about the purple people eater. Poor one-eyed dog.

Rich Sommer checks in with us from his kids preschool. He has no info.

15 – Jimmy’s opened the floor to questions. Jimmy wonders if the oil liner guy saw smoke on the water. Matt says no but he saw some Fire in the Sky.

Jimmy and Danielle are going to see Queen with Adam Lambert.

Matt thinks it should be outside at the bowl.

Jimmy’s album Sprettzatura is now available on Vinyl! $15 or $20 if you want it signed. The value can only go up.

Make a decision Darby!

Jimmy wants more pictures of him on the walls.

We’ll be back with some calls and Movie Katz!

Welcome back to Foghat! 14F!

Jimmy sold 4 Sprettzatura’s in the bathroom. No signatures. Continue reading

1406 – Flying Blind with Rich Sommer


Rich Sommer - Intrepid Reporter / Actor

Rich Sommer – Intrepid Reporter / Actor

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In-Studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1406 – Rich Sommer


00 – Welcome to the Never Not Funny! Jimmy’s voice is back. He had Pharyngitis and had to go see “the great dr. joe sugarman.” He got a medicine and steroid shot in his left buttock and a megadose of antibiotic in his right. Pharyngitis, or sore throat, is discomfort, pain, or scratchiness in the throat. It often makes it painful to swallow.

Matt doesn’t recall ever getting a butt shot.

His doctor calls his dick the syringe and its always in the butt.

Jimmy tells Eliot to put his malcolm x bow tie away after blaming him for his throat issues. (He meant Farrakhan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Farrakhan).

Jimmy feels horrible he had to cancel Cedar Rapids. Jimmy has never canceled last minute before. He was in bed for 3 days.

05 – Jimmy’s pilot went great. We hope it gets picked up! Lots of NNF fans in the audience! The set was gorgeous.

We’re back now! In the swing! We’re we belong! (Jimmy also belongs on TV) Entertainment Weekly put NNF on the Must List and called Jimmy Pardo the “funniest host in podcasting!” The folks at EW are sharp!

Show your friends! or ram it up their asses for good measure.

Jimmy goes off on guys who think gay marriage leads to beastiality.

10 – Join the Players Club!! The cards are awesome!! They expire in a year. They’re gorgeous. Jimmy’s #1 in our hearts AND our scorecard.

The shirt and card are NOT available for long. End of April is the cut off.

Oscar Pool! 22/24 answers correct. Only one person got it. Matt. Belknap.

Jimmy hits a HIGH note on Iron Maiden’s 22 Acacia Avenue.

15 – Jimmy comments on Eliot’s pose at the WB lot. He looks like he is being held hostage. Jimmy saw Non-Stop and confirms he will like anything set on a submarine or a plane, any cylindrical tubes. He and Danielle both enjoyed the movie but both hated one specific point of the movie.

He also saw Mr. Peadbody and Sherman with Oliver. The voice acting is great. He thought it was a little dry. Coulda been funnier. Jimmy did a set at the improv. First stand up in a couple months. The audience didn’t resound to his first line so he went nuts on them. After that it opened up and went great.

20 – The guys don’t understand why a private rich school needs to raise more money on top of the high tuitions. Jimmy hated that audience. He mangles a great joke by the lady that went up before him. Lisa Trembley.

25 – Pardomizer time! Winner gets a bump to the next level or if VIP you get $50! 1 – 9 chance! Jimmy loves the name Alex Poison. He hopes he wins. He doesn’t.

Luke Balaguer wins! Congrats!!

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14E – Letting it enter with Pat Francis

Pat Francis gives you the Evil Eye. Congratulations, by viewing this photo you are now cursed.

Pat Francis gives you the Evil Eye. Congratulations, by viewing this photo you are now cursed.

Join the Players Club!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14E – Pat Francis


00 – Welcome to the players club! jimmy is under the weather again! 911 all over we’ll come together as a community. The 9/11 of voices!

14 E for Elephante, long for Elephant. Jimmy’s had voices issues all day! no players club episode next week due to the pilot but there will be a live sketchiest episode instead. Pat Francis is here!

Jimmy’s going in on Eliot’s outfit. He wants to punch him. Jimmy’s going riveter!

We’ll make up the episode in the future!

05 – Eliot’s getting reprimanded by a grit voiced Jimmy. His wrist is pissed!

Weather might screw up Jimmy’s gigs again! He’s 2/3 missed gigs due to weather. More than his entire career. It’s banana times!

Isabel Sanford the wife on Jeffersons and a jazz singer on Kojak. Jimmy just watched his first bad Kojak episode! It featured Pricilla Barnes. Not enough Theo. Jimmy is unsure if this is the exact episode that stunk.

We’re all on thin ice guys!! Jimmy’s gonna go solo! It’s “push my button day”

10 – Jimmy not happy with Matt overanalyzing his raspy voice. We’re all standing on thin ice closer to the shore!

Jimmy tries to guess Matt’s “Can You Feel It?” He needs initials, A.M. Alanis Morrissette.

Let’s get clear in here! This is the Jimmy Pardo Podcast! Getting Alanis on Rock Solid has not resulted in a NO yet!

The players club is the Rock Stage at Chicago Fest.

15 – Iron Maiden Chicago Fest in 1982! http://musictravellerstwo.blogspot.com/2011/08/iron-maiden-1982-08-05-chicago.html

Jimmy puts Survivors Vital Signs in the top 5 melodic rock albums. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vital_Signs_(Survivor_album)

Journey, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, also join that list. The fifth will be betters choice.

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1405 – Monkeying around with Andrew Daly

Andrew DalyListen to the episode for free!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1405 – Andy Daly


00 – Hello! Welcome! 1405! season 14 fifth episode!

Jimmy’s winded. Jimmy had nose issues. THis is the type of loosey goosey show we do around here. The host can do whatever he wants. That’s the way it fucking is. Jimmy’s wearing a Mario DiGeorgio T-shirt. OneKolor.com.

Join the players club! and don’t forget to do the Regan Burns contest! You can win an upgrade! or you can upgrade yourself.

Jimmy had some Kojak references for @Midnight.

El Chupacabra is from originally from Puerto Rico. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chupacabra

05 – Eliot showed up 3 hours early for Pat Francis’ bday party. Party at 8 Eliot shows up at 5. I couldn’t make it because I was stuck in Temecula.

Andy Daly is here! He’s gone be munching on something while he waits. He’s doing foley work. Jimmy tells about Mike Gandy ripping open his Valcro bag while jimmy was in his back swing at a golf tourney. It made Jimmy laugh. They did community theater together. We wish Mike Gandy luck as we do all the Gandys.

10 – Jimmy is unsure how Eliot got invited to Pat’s party. Jimmy and Matt had a great time at the party. They both apparently got sick. Jimmy explains volume. He thought it was a key party. All walks of life at that party, gay, straight, black. Pat was doing a facial when Eliot got there. He came out in full green face mask. Pilar doesn’t age. Jimmy’s got the consumption.

15 – Jimmy went to a cub scout event over the weekend. They cross over a bridge to upgrade to the next level of scouting. The Blue and Gold.

Sharon Stone Komodo Dragon story: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2001/jun/11/news4

Jimmy’s still doing the 7-minute workout! He’s building his quads.

We’ll be back! Andy Daly is here! Host of The Daly Show! no,,,The Andy show…no. Review!

We’ll be back.

We’re back!


Eliot’s antagonizing Jimmy again.

20 – Jimmy wants Eliot to stop wearing his costumes. The women who tell ELiot to wear tight T-shirts have no eyes according to Jimmy. No tight T-shirts unless you are Antonio Sabato Jr. Jimmy wore a compression shirt for his pilot. He liked it.

Eliot is dressed to the 8s.

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14D – Chris Mancini

Chris Mancini

Chris Mancini

NNF Players Club – 14D – Chris Mancini

00 – OUCH! Welcome to the Players Club! 14D. Chris Mancini from Comedy Film Nerds will be here. Jimmy and Matt are wearing their Podfest T-Shirts.

Jimmy loves a submarine movie.

Welcome to the players club baby! 14D as in diamond.

Hal Rudnick meets Shia – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6rDDZioHoM

Jimmy talks about a fan coming at him about Billy Joel albums on pardcast.com (not really). Jimmy confirms that Uptown Girl sucks.

05 – Jimmy’s having elaborate murder fantasies and ending them with DNA tests.

Speaking of stupid, Eliot’s here!

Hi Matt!

Jimmy went to Home Depot to get supplies for Oliver’s pinewood derby. Oliver said, “Dad, I’d rather do it ourselves even if it’s awful.” Jimmy ended up cutting himself with a coping saw. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coping_saw

Apparently the girl scouts have a pinewood derby also! so Matt will be doing that with Zoe also.

10 – Jimmy thinks their car has a chance to win. The race is march 9. The designed the car like the Batmobile. (Jimmy HAS opened the floor to questions.) They did their own version of the bat mobile at Oliver’s request.

Home Depot guy apparently laughed at Jimmy for not knowing what Spray Paint to use. Jimmy wanted to stick his head into a drill press and of course test his DNA for stupid.

15 – Talk To The Hand Cuz The Wrist Is Pissed: The Best of Matt Belknap. PLEASE SOMEONE PHOTOSHOP THIS!

What’s with the flying in the 90s guys?

Jimmy’s reopened the floor for questions!

Matt asks: Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible. Jimmy says fly. Eliot can’t answer so Jimmy is going to take an electric screwdriver to his head to get an answer. Eliot decides invisible.

Eliot went to Strategicon with his Modest Games partners. Jimmy says to get a contract because the other two are definitely trying to get him out.

Jamzilla did not effect them much.

Chris Mancini is here!

We’ll be back! Continue reading

1404 – Playing the Back Nine with Craig Bierko

Jimmy Pardo caddies for Craig Bierko on the back nine

Jimmy Pardo caddies for Craig Bierko on the back nine

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1404 – Craig Bierko


00 – Hello! 4th episode of the 14th season! Hello earwolf friends! The world’s talking about us. We’re doing a great job since April 2006. 4/4/06 to be exact. north movie star south dicey.

NNF Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Not_Funny

Mike Pardo says hello world!

05 – Jimmy sings some Aaron Neville for us. Everybody plays the fool!

If you beat the NNF team in the PAID version of Regan Burns Oscar Contest you can win a 6 Month Players Club membership! http://reganburns.com/academy13.html

If you’re a member already you get bumped up! If you are a VIP Member you can win a big prize pack with DVDs and $50 cash! You have to beat all of us. The top NNF winner wins.

Enter HERE http://reganburns.com/academy13.html

Join the VIP Players Club.

10 – Ginger from Gilligan’s Island was a junkie on the recent episode of Kojak that Jimmy watched. It was a weird dark episode.

Friends of the show Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini are making a documentary about podcasting called Earbuds. Check it out at kickstarter and ComedyFilmNerds.com.


Jimmy hates that hipster bullshit.

15 – Jimmy got sucked into a Facebook thread war about Ellen Page coming out. He didn’t participate but was caught up in reading it.

Jimmy makes some great comments on celebrity coming out and how it might lead to a bully changing their attitudes.

Jimmy quotes Less Than Zero. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093407/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 James Spader played Rip. Continue reading

14C – Burying the Lede with Mike Schmidt

Dimpled and ready for action - Mike Schmidt!

Dimpled and ready for action – Mike Schmidt!

Subscribe to the Players Club, baby!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14 C – Mike Schmidt


00 – Players Club!  Head on down to Charlie 27!  Hola!  14 c as in charlie, or as Jimmy hates Chucklebutt,  Jimmy thinks Matt will end up calling Charlie Chucklebutt.

Jimmy and Danielle call oliver Goose.  Jimmy apparently didnt have a nickname as a kid.   Jimmy broke his dad’s heart the day he said he didnt want to kiss him goodbye anymore.   14C we’re there we’re queer lets get used to that.  Jimmy’s friend did not make it on the last train to clarksville.

05 – Stairs and Silence was a great song by Simon and Garfunkel.  One of the only times Jimmys got chills at a concert.  Another was Heart doing Alone, which has never been as good at that.

Jimmy’s on @Midnight this week!  Thursday night!

Jimmy’s admitting to being wrong about twitter as he is enjoying it.  Twitter nerds!   Jimmy’s looking forward to doing the show.  War Pigs is being used in a commercial for 300 and Gears of War 3

10 – Matt brought in a record and a comic book set for Kojak.  Jimmy’s chicago accent is getting worse.  Crocker looks like Dave Anthony .

Matt got it at a vintage store.  They were closed so he had to go back for it and HOPE they still had it.

The former third baseman is here!!

We’re gambling!!

We’ll be back.

Welcome back to the players club!  Gambling coming up!  Record frames on sale at target!

Im in a classic NNF t-Shirt again.  Also sore from work out.

15 – Eliot’s here dressed as Colonel Mustard.  Matt wants to get his lead pipe,  Jimmy says he has a led connector.   Not quite a richard dawson.  Close thogh.  Mustard Valour was mike’s strip club name for a while.

We all got invites to Mayor McCheese’s wedding.  Mike didnt get an invite despite having lunch with the fry guys recently.   “Oh No I have the hamburgler for english.” – Mike Toomey.

Hello Mike Schmidt!!

Jimmy is now opening the floor to questions!

Mike wonders if this is the kid’s table of NNF.  Matt describes it as the inner circle. Continue reading