1421 – Funking it Up with Sinbad

Sinbad, ready to take your call

Sinbad, ready to take your call

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1421 – Sinbad

00 – Hello and welcome! 1421! Winding down season 14! Don’t worry about timing we will let you know when it’ll be time to ante up for season 14!

25 episodes due to faculty days.

Our guest is the legendary comedian SINBAD!! He’s tall and wears a colorful pant!

Some bob and tom fans aren’t smart and email Jimmy that he is short. He wants those hillbillies to get back in their waterbed and drink moonshine until they die.

Jimmy and Matt revisit the above ground pool subject. Apparently, Matt and Elise have discussed the option.

05 – My mom was in town. We stayed at a Loews hotel. The room was filthy. We also went to the Ed Sheeran show. It was great!

Pool prices at Lowes – http://www.lowes.com/Outdoors/Pools-Hot-Tubs/Above-Ground-Pools/_/N-1z0wefv/pl#!&Va=false&page=2&rpp=48

10 – History of above ground pools – http://www.poolspanews.com/alternative-materials/the-history-of-aboveground-pools–playing-for-keeps.aspx

Eliot looks exhausted apparently.

The guys returned from Austin. Jimmy did comedy and they did NNF Live for a great crowd of 100 solid NNF fans! Lots of people drove in. They got to meet everyone including a couple of native American ladies that became friends over their love of the show.

They had some misty-eyed fans show up to meet them. It was amazing according to Matt.

15 – They also met some new fans who found us earwolf!

We got another stupid response at Pardcast/NeverNotFunny.com

Jimmy talks about the first roadtrip he and pat took together and picking classic rock station and seeing who’s picked song comes up first. Pat picked Don’t Fear The Reaper and it came on within 3 songs.

Matt drops Dude on Jimmy. Jimmy tells him not to drop dude on him.

“Dad you’re calling me dude too much.” – Oliver

Jimmy recommends Matt not calling Charlie little man.

20 – Turbulence and delays caused the guys to get back to LA later than expected. He also would not stop updating them on the turbulence.

“I don’t complain about travel but this is bullshit.” – Jimmy, defeated after the trip.

They also had to bus from lax to some ancient terminal both ways.

Pat Francis did the best acting Jimmy’s seen.

Jimmy blurt laughed at Renee’s caption “two assholes in steerage.”

Pat came up to Jimmy and performed his act.

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14T – Analyzing This with Paul Gilmartin


Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin

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The Jimmy Pardo Podcast – Never Not Funny
Never Not Notes – June 19 2014
Show #: NNF Players Club 14T with Paul Gilmartin



Notes by: Ashley Wheeler

00 – Hello! We have a young person on the show. 21 is my actual guess. Her name is Ashley. We’ll talk to Ashley in a moment.

Garon is out so we had to get another girl in here. He’s a homosexual so he has a feminine side.

Jimmy is going to see Les Miserables tonight at the La Mirada Theatre.


Jimmy’s word for the day: Toto.

New rule since Jimmy is late Elliot gets to talk and ask questions.

Garon is second. Ashley’s shot to number one.

Ashley will be taking notes. Jimmy has never looked at the notes.

Jimmy has a throbbing lack of caffeine headache. There is no tea in the office.

05 – Garon wouldn’t be taking notes right now. He’d be running to the 7/11 for Jimmy. Who knows what he does for that soda behind the 7/11.

Garons mom is in town, maybe at the beach or Disneyland.

The day Matt isn’t here Jimmy likes Elliot.

If you give a warning about sexual harassment, it’s not right?

10 – Meeting Ashley. Jimmy talks about how we met at Conan and how I helped out ith the thewith the filming of his pilot. I recently interned at Conan in the talent department. Duties in the talent department?

15 – Baseball team with the Conan staff. They aren’t very good.

Jimmy asks if any celebrity made a pass at me.

What about Seth Green? Does he drive himself? Does he come in what he’ll wear on the show or change?

I don’t remember if he drove himself. I wouldn’t meet the guests at their car. My coordinator would meet them and then I would walk them back.

Jimmy isn’t on the softball team because he has one running pace.

20 – Ashley has a boyfriend. Marc with a “C.” We met at church and then went to Louisiana for Katrina relief. We’ve been together six years. He is 22 and I am 25. Continue reading

1420 – Hitching a Ride with Todd Glass


Todd Glass's future? Bright!

Todd Glass’s future? Bright!

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1420 – Todd Glass

00 – 1420! Hello everyone indeed welcome! 6/16 comes out 6/19.

My roll is slowed guys. Jimmy’s got some new shoes on sale for $38 bucks! Matt doesn’t think they have the arch support he needs but Jimmy disagrees.

Jimmy does a little Bill Squire. The Stroke is about the Music Business. http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=19310

Tyler Texas over the weekend! Jimmy ended up doing a 5K while he was there. He did a show at the Liberty Theater, great venue, great crowd.

05 –Brandon Davidson did great also! Plus another kid named Tyler Eliot. @TylerInTyler. Jimmy was glad to see new faces out there on the road. Jimmy landed right in rush hour so it took him like 45 minutes to get from the airport to Tyler. Apparently all Jimmy’s exes live down in texas and one of them works in the best little whorehouse.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083642/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Jimmy got a Standing O in Tyler.

10 – Lotta rhyming going on today. Jimmy hosted the Beastly Ball on Saturday. Matt makes up a song parody. Jimmy keyboards/drums along. It was an interlude from a Beastie Boys album.

The Beastly Ball went great this year. Betty White’s manager gets it! She turned 92 this year. Jimmy said she was laughing at him now and then.

Jimmy talks about an auction for Betty and the Beasts zoo tour. Continue reading

14S – Selling It with Karen Kilgariff

Karen Kilgariff

Karen Kilgariff

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14S – Karen Kilgariff
Live at the Bootleg

14S for Sequoia.

00 – I blanked. Welcome to the players club! The door is open!

Apple stock is at 92.29 right now. Jimmy bought “a couple hand fulls.” He bought Livenation back in the day at $1.50 now its at over $20.

The doors are open for 14 Sasafras! We’re all wrong.

Matt had soccer. Eliot had

Jimmy is on @Midnight tonight with Ally Wong and Ian Edwards. Lots of fun.

Jimmy says Chris Hardwick is made for @midnight and does such a great job at it.

05 – Apple down $1.57. Jimmy wants his guy on the phone: Gordon Gecko. Don’t buy a dyson vacuum apparently.Or the dyson blade. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/home/dyson-bladeless-fan.htm

Eliot calls them Fun but expensive.

Hacksaw might be stopping by!

10 – Jimmy addresses his gun loon twitter controversy. A lot of dumb.

We might get a theme song for dumb comments/emails.

Eliot’s S word: Sprettzatura but he changed it to Spatoon.
My S word: Sequioa

Here are 6 awesome things Bill Murray’s done. http://mentalfloss.com/article/54223/6-awesome-things-bill-murray-has-done

15 – Jimmy tells the story about going into mexico going through what turns out to be the most dangerous way to get into mexico. El Paso – Juarez. Where that show The Bridge takes place. Top 5 scariest times for Jimmy. #1 was when he was raped by the ghost.

Our guest is here! Karen Kilgariff!

Jimmy talks about a ghost guide Tristan at the Ghost tour at the Queen Mary. He had a lot of alt comedy knowledge and Jimmy kept wondering if he knew who he was.

20 – Matt and Jimmy overspent on nevernotfunny.com

Jimmy calls his phone Wham! And not Kermit as Matt wondered.

Jesse Thorne texts Jimmy saying he got an EELS ticket but he couldn’t go. He said he forward the publicist Jimmy’s email. He decides to go down to the show, had issues with parking, he got there around 10:30. He gets his free ticket and heads to the balcony.

Jimmy is on board with EELS now.

STEVE PERRY was there and came on stage.

Jimmy wept. He says Steve was fantastic. Gave him chills and tears. He did Lights and Jimmy was sobbing.

Jimmy did record some with his phone despite not wanting to be that guy. Continue reading

1419 – Turning back time with Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham


Jessica and Lennon

Jessica and Lennon

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1419 – Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham



00 – Hello indeed! 1419 HARDCASTLE! Matt wonders when the Hardcastle started. Iimmy attacked by the mic!! Funny bone!

1419 guys!

Jimmy and I going to Cher? Maybe?

July 7 @ Staples! WITH Cyndi Lauper!


Matt’s got some waves in his hair! Jimmy wonders if anyone got tired surfing on that hair.

05 – Jimmy discusses Matt’s resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jimmy agonizing over an actor he can’t remember in a movie he can’t remember.

Turns out it was the already mentioned Colin Firth and the movie was A Single Man


Jimmy might be having an allergic reaction to the aftershave he used.

10 – Jimmy’s allergic to steak and pork, yet still eats it. Went off it for 30 days and did feel better. Matt wonders if the cow’s allergies are transferring to Jimmy. Jimmy’s been going to histamine meats.

Jimmy did the anti-histamine march.

Jimmy has an inhaler and Oliver has hives lately. His last week of school is this week.

15 – We discuss summer vacations when we were young and when we got out of school and went back to school.

Jimmy tells the story about wanting to fight the guy his girlfriend was cheating on him with. He busted out his switchblade comb, “Let’s do this Joe!” Someone yelled, “ooooh he has a comb!”

Eliot’s anti autoplay. Jimmy is the same way.

What’s Eliot’s Beef today? Ads before Movie Trailers.

20 – Matt doesn’t understand movie trailers as entertainment.

Matt thinks I posted the craziest facebook post ever: I need to watch more Richard Dreyfuss movies.

Jimmy agrees with me not Matt.

Jimmy comes out as not loving everything Bill Murray does.

Bill Murray played FDR in Hyde Park in the Hudson – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477855/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_10

Matt just does not like Richard Dreyfuss. Continue reading

14R – Rallying with Fred Stoller


Fred Stoller, seeking thrills

Fred Stoller, seeking thrills

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14R – Fred Stoller
Maybe We’ll Have You Back

14 R as in Renegade!

00 – Players Club! The doors open! Jimmy a little late due to a slow race with a cop who wouldn’t get away from him. He was in the carpool lane next to Johnny Law.

Jimmy kept saying Get off my ass fuzz! To make himself laugh.

14 Riot! No winner!

Bob’s book arrived. Good man Bob Saget! We’ll give that book away after Jimmy reads it.



Some headphone adjusting for Jimmy.

Matt had Rancho. I had Renegade. Eliot had Riboflavin.

Jimmy and Matt prefer midi ring tones to real audio tones.

Mike Sakellarides tweeted Jimmy.

Fred Stoller is here!

My phone rang!

05 – I ran to get Jimmy’s phone.

10 – Jimmy went to the Barry Gibb show at the Bowl. Jimmy thinks Robin skyped in from Heaven. Opening song was Jive Talking. Jimmy said the show was GREAT.



15 – We go through the entire Barry Gibb setlist. Continue reading

1418 – Winging it with Bob Saget


Filthy comedian Bob Saget

Filthy comedian Bob Saget


In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1418 – Bob Saget
Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian

00 – Hello! Welcome to the Original Never Not Funny! Jimmy doesn’t know what that means. Lots of controversy in the world.

We can all agree that Jimmy is too old to have a zit that big on his lip AND he bit the inside of his lip. Matt asks if he was hungry. Jimmy goes on record not liking that joke.

He has no sense of humor when it comes to a lip bite.

He bit it in Bloomington and then again yesterday at the airport.

Travel day yesterday. Jimmy’s a bit tired today.

10/10 for the Limestone Comedy Festival!

Jimmy did some karaoke. Matt has video!

05 – Comic-oke. Karoake with the comics for the VIP guests. The VIP guests could sign up and sing with the comics.

Jimmy chose Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant.

Jennifer Warnes – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Warnes#Singles

Both I’ve Had The Time of My Life and Up Where We Belong went to #1.

10 – Emo Philips is full of great laughs.

Jimmy appreciates fans.

A fan spotted Jimmy at the airport in Dallas!

Celebrity sighting on Jimmy’s plane! Flight to Indianapolis.

Matt missed one of Jimmy’s shows. Emo Phillips saw both shows. He waited in line for the meet and greet after the show to be respectful.

Emo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emo_Phillips

Ask Jeeves turned into Ask.com.

Trivago has the inappropriately familiar sexily dressed spokesman.

15 – Jimmy and Matt are doing important research on their iphones as to whether the speech to text works on airplane mode.

20 – Direct to Indy.

Bob Saget is here!

The Sure Thing girl is Nicollette Sheridan, he traveled with Daphne Zuniga.

Lots of memories for Bob in this area. Continue reading