A Note from Darryl: A Brief History of Never Not Notes

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I apologize for this photograph.

There’s a lot of wonderful reminiscing going on over at the Facebook Never Never Funny group (not to be confused with the Never Not Funny fan page), and Eliot gave us a great write-up of his own history with Never Not Funny and Andrew Koenig. On top of that, the Earwolf connection has brought in a lot of new listeners. Plus, Matt “The Honcho” Belknap, on the most recent Never Not Funny (#1501 with Maria Bamford) viscously and callously (and accurately) accused me of coasting on Garon’s work since he has been taking in-studio show notes. He also gave me a nice shoutout for “getting back in the saddle” to do my old-school version of show notes for the re-release of episode 302 with Andrew Daly, so I won’t hold too much of a grudge. Also, I don’t think I ever told him that I wrote my show notes while riding a horse, so it’s a little creepy that he knows this. Maybe because I live in Montana he assumed it was a safe bet.

All that to say, it’s been a long time since I wrote a “note from Darryl” here, so I think this is a good time to fill everyone in on my involvement with Never Not Funny and Never Not Notes.

I started listening to Never Not Funny in Season 2 and it immediately became my favorite podcast. Frankly, it was my only podcast, but even after listening to many others, it has remained my favorite. There was something about the quick wit, and anything-goes style that resonated with me and helped my during a very stressful time in my life. There are few shows of any kind make me laugh until I have I tears, and Never Not Funny is the only one that does that on a regular basis. Continue reading

Eliot, Never Not Funny, and Andrew Koenig

You all know Eliot Hochberg as the video producer and resident whipping-boy for Jimmy Pardo on Never Not Funny. But he is a very talented man apart from his work on Never Not Funny, and does much more than simply “run the cameras.” Also, his history with Never Not Funny and our late friend Andrew Koenig goes deeper than most fans are aware of. With Eliot’s permission, I am copying this story from the Never Not Funny Video Fans page on Facebook.


Eliot Hochberg

Eliot Hochberg

Over on the big group, folks are reminiscing about how they found NNF, and it got me to thinking about how I originally became involved. It is not, as you may assume, from the sad events of Season 6, but was much earlier even before Season 3, and I thought you might be interested.

Before Season 3, Andrew came to me to find out what I’d charge for renting some camera equipment I regularly rented out to shoot video for some show called “Never Not Funny.” I told him what I normally charged, which was more than he could afford, and we chatted about what he wanted to do, which was try and establish his site MonkeyGoLucky.com (which I had been helping him build) flesh out some content. I told him that he could go ahead and use my gear for free until he started making a bunch of money, unless I needed it for another job that paid, which obviously I couldn’t turn down.

As Season 3 drew to a close, we started talking about what it would take to edit while the show live, instead of in post. Andrew’s computer was giving him trouble; I had even lent him one of my computers so that he could edit on one while doing other work on another. Around the same time, the theatre we met at, The Empty Stage, had closed, and I had inherited a video switcher from there, a Videonics mixer. I eventually bought a second one, as that one proved to be unreliable. It seemed that there would be a little bit of money in it, and I told Andrew to pay me whatever he could afford, and that would guarantee a schedule for the equipment.

I helped Andrew with the workflow for live editing the show, he decided how he wanted to do things but asked me for advice on video formats and software. I also bought some extra cabling so that the cameras would all connect up to the mixer. I had been doing live video editing at ACME Comedy for some shows there, which taught me some things we used for the process. This culminated in my being there for episode 401 with Maria Bamford, basically to make sure everything worked as intended, and to show Andrew how I wanted things packed when he was done, etc.

I’m pretty sure this was the first time I actually saw what the show was, and was actually my first introduction to podcasting, although I had been told about it by various folks in the past.

Anyway, that’s the story besides what most of you already know.

14Y – YOU, The Listener!

I-Want-YouTo hear/watch this episode, join the Players Club!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14Y – You!

14 Y as in Yanni.

Or You, the listener

00 – Hello! The door is open! Eliot opens the door and closes it. No girls, this is a boys club.

Jimmy sings The Circle Be Unbroken. No one joins in.

Jimmy hits some bass and talks about Chicago Fest incident where Peter the bassist does a bass line from The Chain.

Jimmy tries to remember a girls name who he took to a Chicago show.

Back to the circle being unbroken.

05 –We talk my facebook meltdown! I’m fine guys!

10 – BA Baracus – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._A._Baracus

Mr. T used to live near Jimmy back in Chicago. Mr. T is an island! Mr. T was part of a Lake Forest Chainsaw Massacre: http://chicago.curbed.com/archives/2011/06/22/revisiting-mr-ts-1987-lake-forest-chainsaw-massacre.php

Denzel Washington’s new movie The Equalizer trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt0GkVZK8zA

15 – New cluttered American flag with 6 californias?

Mush Mouth Shy Guy Hype Man!

I pity the fool that tries to stand tall in my yard! – Jimmy’s awful Mr. T impression.

14 Y!

Brody Stevens always points out that he saw Jimmy at a best buy when he is on @Midnight. Continue reading

Season 6 Episode List

Here’s a list of all Season 6 episodes, presented this way for easy access via the Season 6 link up top (my brotha). This is due to using “page” format rather than “post” format, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but is now just something boring I am explaining.

Click on an episode to read the notes.

Episode 601 – Bil Dwyer

Episode 602 – Paul F. Tompkins

Episode 603 – Greg Behrendt

Episode 604 – Pat Francis

Episode 605 – Jimmy Dore

Episode 606 – Todd Levin

Episode 607 – Jesse Thorn

Episode 608 – Conan O’Brien

Episode 609 – Pat Francis

Episode 610 – Marc Maron

Happy New Year! – Primo Bonus Audio

Episode 611 – Todd Glass

Episode 612 – Rich Sommer

Primo Bonus Episode – Live from SF Sketchfest

Episode 613 – Jordan Morris

Episode 614 – Mike Siegel

Episode 615 – Paul Rust

Episode 616 – Graham Elwood

Episode 617 – Dave Holmes, with special guest Jay Patrick Spaulding

Episode 618 – Jo Lo Truglio, with the unshakable Jay Patrick Spaulding

Episode 619 – Pat Francis

Episode 620 – Rachel Quaintance

Episode 621 – Laurie Kilmartin

Episode 622 – 200th Episode, Live from the UCB

Episode 623 – Mike Schmidt

Episode 624 – Andrew Daly

Episode 625 – Chris Fairbanks

Episode 626 – Scott Aukerman

302 – Andy Daly’s Many Sweaters

Show notes by Darryl Asher. This episode was released in season 3, then re-released in season 14.

Eliot Hochberg took Andrew Koenig’s Season 3 video archives and edited every episode into a full-length video. This was a remarkable undertaking, since the original video was never meant to be full episodes, but rather short clips of the show. You can purchase ALL Season 3 videos for only $9.99 at Pardcast.com. It’s a bargain! Of course, all other past seasons are there as well. 



Jimmy, in a stripe-sleeved warmup jacket, insults Matt’s Laker’s warmup and Andy’s plaid shirt, and neither of them had the balls to say “Who are you to talk, Six Million Dollar Man”? (or Burt Reynolds)


Jimmy calls IMDB.com the International Movie Database. And he’s serious.

This might be First Usage of Digital Versatile Disk

Andrew Daley, or Andy Daley? Choose for yourself!


“Andy Daley has a nice rhythm. Boobee boobee.” Classic Matt.

Jimmy is mic-in-stand for the fist time in a year. WHY????? Matt wants to know.

Andy/Andrew’s new movie is Semi-Pro(fessional)

SPOILER: Semi-Pro is NOT about 18 wheelers


“South Bend, Indiana!” might be Jimmy’s new catch phrase

How much improv was in Semi-Pro?

Working with Will Ferrell


imageJimmy would punch a famous comedian in the face, but I won’t put his name here because Google

Sing Along with Jimmy!

Styx – Come Sail Away


Balls of Fury on an aeroplane

Andy is proud of the fact he was, like, fourth pick for his Semi-Pro role

Matt’s new website: Internet House of Pancakes


Matt says the Weird Al law protecting satire is not a real thing. You decide if he’s right.

Pancakes and naked women

Matt insists that Jimmy calls Andrew Andy

Jimmy might start calling Matthew Thew

Jimmy hated Leave it to Beaver

Andy grew up in New Jersey, not South Bend, Indiana

We are now in the Primo! Good-bye deadbeats!

Matt wants use Andy’s “woop woop” sound effect as the Primo indicator

Matt almost had to kill another cop on the way to the show Continue reading